cfbfastR v1.6.0

  • Added cfbd_ratings_elo() function
  • Fixed a bug in update_cfb_db() where the function failed when trying to load recent games from the data repo. (#35)
  • Added the option cfbfastR.dbdirectory that allows to set the database directory in update_cfb_db() globally.

cfbfastR v1.5.2

  • Remove verbose parameter

cfbfastR v1.5.1

Minor release
  • Removed calculated columns from cfbd_stats_season_team() that were not behaving correctly
  • Fixed bug where only_fbs input in cfbd_team_info() was ignored. It is now possible to get the team info for all the colleges in the API instead of only FBS schools.
  • Removed default year from cfbd_metrics_ppa_teams. cfbd_metrics_ppa_teams and cfbd_metrics_ppa_players_season now require one of team or year to be specified

cfbfastR v1.5.0

cfbfastR v1.4.0

cfbfastR v1.3.3

cfbfastR v1.3.2

Added ID linking to cfbd_recruiting_players()

cfbfastR v1.3.0-1

Added three NFL draft functions:

cfbfastR v1.2.1

Minor release
  • Added headshot_url to outputs of cfbd_team_rosters

  • Renamed returns in cfbd_game_advanced():

    • rushing_line_yd_avg to plural rushing_line_yds_avg
    • rushing_second_lvl_yd_avg to plural rushing_second_lvl_yds_avg
    • rushing_open_field_yd_avg to plural rushing_open_field_yds_avg
  • Completed documentation for all returns except cfbd_pbp_data()

  • Continued work on intro vignette

cfbfastR v1.2.0-1

Add significant documentation to the package

ESPN/CFBD metrics function variable return standardization

cfbfastR v1.1.0

Add loading from Data Repository functionality

Add support for parallel processing and progress updates

  • Added furrr, future, and progressr dependencies to the package to allow for parallel processing of the play-by-play data with progress updates if desired.

cfbfastR v1.0.0

Function Naming Convention Change

  • All functions sourced from the College Football Data API will start with cfbd_ as opposed to cfb_ (as in cfbscrapR). One additional cfbd_ function has been added that corresponds to the result when cfbd_pbp_data() has the parameter epa_wpa=FALSE. It has now been separated into its own function for clarity cfbd_plays(). The parameter and functionality still exists in cfbd_pbp_data() but we expect this function will still exist but made obsolete in favor of a function more closely matching nflfastR’s naming conventions.

  • Similarly, data and metrics sourced from ESPN will begin with espn_ as opposed to cfb_. In particular, the two functions are now espn_ratings_fpi() and espn_metrics_wp()

  • Data generated from any of the cfbfastR methods will use cfb_

College Football Data API Keys

The CollegeFootballData API now requires an API key, here’s a quick run-down:


Save the script and restart your RStudio session, by clicking Session (in between Plots and Build) and click Restart R (n.b. there also exists the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F10 to restart your session). If set correctly, from then on you should be able to use any of the cfbd_ functions without any other changes.

  • For less consistent usage: At the beginning of every session or within an R environment, save your API key as the environment variable CFBD_API_KEY (with quotations) using a command like the following.
  • Added API Key methods. If you forget to set your environment variable, functions will give you a warning and ask for one.